IN3 - First Scenographers' Festival Basel
focusing on the potentials in merging the arts, architecture and design towards scenographical spaces


IN3 Party 2001

What can be the scope of scenography? How can we talk about the emerging spatial arts, staging and exhibiting moments of presence? In our contemporary world of increasing virtualization and negotiability, designing not only objects but also scenes becomes a key capability.
After years of increasing specialization into various subdisciplines, scenography is being more and more widely recognized in its integrative potential as a multi-professional discipline. Throughout the past ten years, scenography has developed as a proper field of study at University level, and the Academy of Art and Design FHNW in Basel has been one of the first Universities within the German speaking area to offer this new focus point in its educational program. In the meantime, the Institute Interior Design and Scenography in Basel is looking back on several generations of alumni, and works together with a diverse network of international lecturers from many artistic and design disciplines.
From November 23rd to 26th 2006, Basle will be the place to meet for an international scene of people interested in scenography. There will be student workshops, presentations and lectures of internationally renown creative and academic people, numerous occasions to chat, drink, eat and talk, as well as an attractive evening program.

IN3 2006 «spatial arts - life in search of style»


IN3 Party 2001

This year's festival is dedicated to the quotidian world in artificial surrounds. Matters of fact are increasingly becoming creative affairs. Throughout our contemporary culture, seemingly everything is becoming a matter of design. Companies are selling event-productions, happening-design and trans-individual psychotherapy treatment in the form of corporate identity strategies. The authenticity of museum exhibits is being set up and intentionally put in scene - the myth of providing a neutral setting that allows objects to speak for themselves has been disguised by scenographical approaches. The far-reaching availability of appearances even includes materiality itself: «natural» materials are being packed into nano-coatings and thus gain entirely new attributes which alter their very essentiality. Our bodies are being kept in shape through gyms, design food, beauty surgery and psycho-hygiene, and our health increasingly becomes our own responsibility. Even with regard to biological reproduction we have «design technologies» available, as well as first according steps towards their legal regulations. What has for a long time continued to establish itself as the natural order of things is increasingly becoming virtual, volatile, object to negotiations and design.
The concepts of «representation» and «presence» will be approached during the festival from a transdisciplinary perspective: how can we deal constructively with the meaning of objects, and with the objectivity of meaning?
Scenographical worlds are fascinating and challenging. They playfully apply projective thinking while at the same time asking for an open logics.

IN3 theme 2006