We were very happy about the amount of spontaneous positive, yet also critical, feedback regarding the first Basle «International Scenographers' Festival IN3» in 2006. It is our pleasure to allow an insight into a selection of the received feedback:

Lies Willers/opera design, November 30 2006
Thank you for a great symposium last week. Ynte and I tremendously enjoyed your hospitality. It was good and inspiring to see all collegues and students, and we were amazed that although the organisation was very strikt, the atmosphere was so relaxed and comfortable.
Pip Greasley, November 28 2006
Arrived back, inspired and full of ideas. It was a really a wonderful Festival and I just feel great to be in at the birth of what will be an important and significant event in the future - not only in the world of scenography but in design generally.
Erich Busslinger, November 27 2006 (translated from german)
Once more, many thanks for the thrilling and inspiring Festival. I had the impression that the orientation of the Festival is well rounded and marks the start of a locally developing Festival culture for the HGK, of international standard and flair. Hats off to you!
Ariana Pradal, November 27 2006 (translated from german)
The IN3 Festival was great and delighted me and was very informative. Thank you for organizing such a new and large event. I'm looking forward to the next issue.
Kimberli Meyer, November 27 2006
Thank you for all the good work on the festival, and congratulations on its great success!
Manuela Frey, December 4 2006 (translated from german)
I can only subscribe to the general opinion; the Festival was enormously interesting with very exciting lectures - and also my compliments on the organization. We would be very pleased if there were sequels.
Thomas Bachmann, November 27 2006 (translated from german)
The Festival was terrific. I have enjoyed this intense time a lot and received numerous impulses. Thanks a lot.
Dinah Casson, November 30 2006
Just to say thank you for organising this: it was clearly a lot of work, but so successful and so interesting. I think that, thanks to this, you have really moved the displine further on. We are in desperate need of recognition and a critical history that is our own and not borrowed from Architecture. With this we can learn and get better.
Anton Markus Pasing, December 4 2006 (translated from german)
Dear IN3 organizing team,
I’d be delighted to follow your request for criticism, as this is very simple due to the fact that - even with close scrutiny - not one single negative aspect could be detected, at least from the view of a speaker.
On the contrary. Where to begin? First of all, the enormous effort which was certainly necessary to set such a complex venture going catches the eye.
Particularly, the high degree of commitment, professionalism and motivation of the approximately 60 students regarding their tasks was unbelievable. I have never encountered such stamina and endeavor at any other academy. For this, I would once more like to express my great gratitude, admiration and respect.
Of course also the organizers and directing heads of this outstanding spectacle have my fullest admiration. [...]
The conceptual idea of calling a Scenography Festival into being is in my opinion particularly interesting, as thus it becomes possible to subsume the most diverse topics and contents of different disciplines without succumbing to false clichés.
The scene and staging unites all protagonists in the room under one roof: dramatists, literati, designers, scientists, artists as well as architects. The focus at any time was on the topic, not on the person or the respective discipline.
The big problem about this Festival is, however, that one hardly dares to tackle ones own event, as it has raised the bar regarding quality and quantity to a height that is hard to attain.
By all means, I am thankful for the opportunity to participate in this first Festival and wish the organizers a lot of passion, luck and energy for the continuation of this event in two years.
May the Force be with You.
Anton Markus Pasing
François Confino, December 5 2006
After the conference in Basel, I wanted to thank you for everything:
The perfect organization.
The great variety of speakers and competences.
The opportunity to speak for the first time in a cathedral two days in a row...
The exchange with other professionals who don't work like me.
The excellent meals.
The wonderful hotel.
You're incredible ability to invite exotic people like Mr.Wu or rather Mr.Who... or rather Mr.Who is Who whose card resembles a dictionary of high political functions!
Your intention to do it again.
And the general feeling that almost everybody in the audience was not a competitor but a talented person interested with all of us make the exhibit world, the theatre world, the artists world a more fascinating place to be.
Thanks again and cheers
Anh-Linh Ngo, November 30 2006 (translated from german)
I would hereby like to thank you once more for the excellent organization.
On the whole, I have gained a very positive impression of the event. I found the blend of the presented projects very successful. [...]
The feedbacks directly prior and following the block moderated by me were very positive. Audience and participants approached me regarding the addressed topics and were very keen on theory. As the approach of the Festival is indeed something new, I could detect a certain hunger for theory in the direct conversations with the participants and audience besides the enthusiasm for the wonderful projects. This was probably, as I was informed, because the theoretical field is not very well developed yet. It might be an idea to put a stronger focus on this for further events.
Prof. Dr. FX Baier, December 4 2006 (translated from german)
First of all thank you for the invitation to Basel.
It was very interesting. I have found it very stimulating and hope that I was able to give impulses as well. The support by the staff was excellent, as well as the accommodation in the «Hotel Krafft».
For a next Festival, I would suggest to broaden the scope of topics to: political stage-management (before elections), staging of wars (faked pictures etc.), staging of terror (selected targets, neuralgic spots, deeply symbolic objects), staging for the environment (green peace), UNICEF (compassion, solidarity with poverty, etc.) [...]
I personally found the term «Festival» slightly unsuitable. For me this term describes rather a continuous, i.e. day- and night event with more side-events. Maybe it could also be staged at another time of year.
Critical approaches and research were not really welcome, rather work reports.
The most cordial greetings from Munich

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