The 1st International Scenographers' Festival in 2006 was an overwhelming success and featured 28 internationally renowned speakers and welcomed more than 800 registered participants. We are now happy to present the «2nd International Scenographers' Festival IN3» from November 20 - 23, 2008 focusing on performative Scenography.

The intention of this year's festival is to examine the scenographic potential within the performing arts disciplines; i.e. to concentrate on the huge influence of theater, film and performance arts on the arrangement of productions, exhibitions, rooms and architecture. In 2008, the focal point of the festival is put on the scenic composition and the narrative and dramaturgical structures. Numerous internationally renowned designers and artists, as well as academies teaching Scenography or similar disciplines will be invited to join us.

The «2nd International Scenographers' Festival IN3» in Basel is organized by the Institute for Interior Design and Scenography of the Academy of Art and Design (HGK) in Basel. It represents a forum for exchange and discussion on innovative forms of design, as a platform and meeting point for the promotion of the international Scenography scene.